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The common theme to most reports about noise is that the noise victim is finally driven to an act of desperation and is subsequently prosecuted because of that act, while the original noise perpetrator gets away with it. Occasionally, the perpertrator takes violent action against the complainant.

Melbourne man Joseph Drago jailed for 11 years for killing neighbour Tony Dockerty over dog dispute. 18th June 2015, ABC News. Yet another case demonstrating that complaints should be dealt with by third parties while maintaining the anonymity of the complainant, rather than encouraging or directing the complainant to directly approach the perpertrator.

§69yo throws 64yo off balcony in dog bark dispute

A man has been charged after he allegedly pushed his neighbour off a unit balcony in Sydney's inner west over a dispute about a barking dog.
Police say a fight broke out between the two men, aged 64 and 69, in a second-floor unit at Petersham shortly before 4:00pm (AEST) yesterday.
The older man allegedly pushed his neighbour off the balcony.
Chief Inspector Alf Sergi says the man fell about four metres.
"The gentleman's very, very lucky not to sustain more serious injury. He did sustain some broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder," he said.
"Obviously throwing people from a two storey balcony is very, very serious and it could have been much worse, potentially fatally so."
Police say the older man had been complaining for some time about a barking dog.
He has been charged with common assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and is being held in custody to face court today. Source ABCNet 24th May 2012


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