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Welcome to our Home Page

Welcome to recognition that noise is a larger component in Australia's society and its living environment than it deserves to be, and the issue is being ignored by politicians. This website presents information and links to assist understanding and management of noise and its effects. It provides resources in the menu on the left of the screen, to help you navigate sources of assistance.

This website also provides opportunity for you to tell your experience (via Forum or Contact Us): where you are, what is occurring, who is responsible for your distress, and which authorities are not acting in the public interest to contain the noise and the risk to your well being.

Join with others to change how noise is considered and how it is managed. We all need to act to reduce risk from noise in our community. Noise invokes threat to economic, social, and environmental facets of life. We need to act to ensure integrity and health of individuals and our community. Noise introduces unwarranted and unpaid-for risk that none of us can afford. Noise Watch Australia intends to promote universal recognition of the harmful effects of noise on both the physical the psychological health of individuals in our community.

Policy Recommendations: Note that only general policies are shown here - go to the relevant page for policies relating to particular source types.

1. C, D and/or Z weighted decibel scales should replace the dBA scale, or at the least be taken into account additionally for all measurement rules.

2. The relevant authorities should not pressure complainants into approaching perpetrators of noise sources.

3. The relevant authorities must keep the identity of complainants anonymous.

4. Comprehensive Noise Mapping needs to be undertaken, and any future planning needs to have consideration of the outcome.

5. Only one organisation should be responsible for any particular noise type.

6. Rules and actions should always be directed towards reducing noise level at the source location, or as close as possible to the noise locations, not at or near receipient locations.

7. Commonwealth Government should institute a National Review of Noise. See letter to candidates in recent news 21/5/16

Why?                          (Please note that all Policy Recommendation are provisional and subject to finalisation and approval by NWA Committee.)


A brief summary of what Law Enforcement personnel need to understand about noise


Recent News

15/6/16 Perth man denies causing neighbor's fatal heart attack during loud music dispute ABC

27/5/16 Noise Watch Australia calls upon  Commonwealth Government candidates to include a policy to institute a National Review of Noise  As we all know, State Governments and Councils are almost completely failing to address the ever-increasing impact of noise, particulary the emergence of low-frequency noise as a major source of anguish during the last 15 years. At the very minimum, the Office of Health Protection should organise a national review of noise incidence, impact and management across Australia. Given the extensive and pervasive effects of low-frequency noise on so many people, a Royal Commission on Low-Frequency Noise would be even better. Regardless of approach, any review needs to be comprehensive, with clear-cut recommendations resulting, so that those in power may understand and deal with the issue properly. With the Commonwealth election imminent, now may be the ideal time to remind your local Member of Parliament and other candidates how important the issue is to you. Here is a Letter to Candidates and here is a Brief Letter to Candidates either of which you may use to model a letter to your local candidates, or use the member Letter to Candidates below in the next entry. Or you can create your own letter with your own concerns and perhaps include a copy of one of the above letters - whichever way, we urge you to do it now.

27/5/16 Letter to Candidates by a NWA member.

26/5/16: Noise Watch Australia re-emphasises the cost of noise. Here is the comprehensive The Economic Impact and Cost of Hearing Loss in Australia report.

Noise Watch Australia on ABC 891 on 20/5/16

Announcement of Clarification of Authority to deal with noise in SA 19/5/16 ABC - NOTE that this goes some way towards NWA Policy 5 above.

Adelaide sleep researcher upset over noise from O-Bahn roadworks to take legal action 4/4/2016 ABC

Twenty-four hour public transport: Sleepless in Melbourne as trains sound all night 6/1/2016 The Age

Eaton residents won't be silenced on Forrest Highway noise issue 21/10/2015 Bunbury Mail

Cairns man who shot neighbor amid loud music row sentenced to jail 15/10/2015 ABC News. Yet again, a single noise victim gets jailed, while the serial noise perpetrator repeatedly escapes any punishment.

Darwin residents express concern after fighter jet noise forces closure of child care centres 29/9/15 ABC News

Inappropriate use of Train Horns in Rail Corridors within Melbourne 10/8/15 Harry Blutstein

Melbourne man Joseph Drago jailed for 11 years for killing neighbour Tony Dockerty over dog dispute.  18th June 2015, ABC News.

Noise Watch Australia Presentation to the Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines, 10th June 2015

Loud noise sparked fatal fight on Boondall front lawn, police say; man charged with manslaughter 10th April 2015, ABC News

Noise Watch Australia Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines, March 2015

More than 1 billion young people at risk of hearing damage from listening to loud music, World Health Organisation warns 2nd March 2015, ABC News

Wind turbine study finds possible correlation between noise and residents' complaints, researcher says 21st January 2015, ABC News

Turbines may well blow an ill wind over locals, ‘first’ study shows January 2015, The Australian

2Loud - Community Mapping of Exposure to traffic noise with mobile phones 12th June 2014 Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

The link between noise perception and quality of life in South Australia in Noise and Health, June 2014

Disrupted Sleep may Accelerate Cancer Growth from the ABC 19th May 2014

Noise Watch Australia on ABC Radio 891 on 12/5/2014

 How the Racket Rates from the Advetiser 5th April 2014

Noise Watch Australia discusses noise issues on Kat Davidson live-to-air on 612 ABC Brisbane, 3/5/2014.

1st April 2014: Noise Mapping can now be done using a mobile phone! To read more, click here!

How Does Wind Turbine Noise Affect People?  An article from Accoustics Today 31/3/2014.

Noisy neighbors driving one family to distraction on 2/4/2014 in the Burwood Scene. And here is their flier!

Soundwave organisers told to turn it down after noise limit breaches in 2014 concerts 1/4/2014.

Australian Grand Prix officials complain to F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone that new V6 cars are too quiet 18th March 2014 (if anyone wishes to phone a complaint about this, the Australian Grand Prix HQ number is (03)9258 7100).

Deafening Silence Noise Watch Australia responds to the Canberra Times 13/3/2014

Industry warns noise complaints could see Melbourne's music scene shift to Sydney 5th January 2014


Attention politicians and potential candidates!

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About Noise The complex physics of sound makes the problem of noise even more difficult to tackle. Even the measurement of noise is open to interpretation, with the A Weighted Decibel Scale, dB(A), being the established standard. However, this gives strongest weighting to middle frequency noise, which is usually less troublesome than low frequency noise (which has different characteristics) and which causes less damage to hearing than high frequency noise. Other weighted scales have been established to better reflect the annoyance from low frequency noise, hearing loss from high frequency noise and adverse health effects of very low frequency noise. Most rules still use the outdated and ineffective dB(A) scale. Almost any defined scale would be more appropriate than the A scale..  Read more about Noise and the Stress it induces.


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